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        Product List
      Plastic slips
      Universal Wheels
      Swivel chairs Plastic Parts
      Plastic barrier
      The specifications go-karts
      Tongchuang set of plastic
      Engineering Plastics Injection
      Blow size pieces
      Metal decoration accessories
      Solar Umbrella
        Online orders
      Hope to meet you at the Fair and discuss more busi -ness opportunities. Our business is for cable and wires. Thank you.
        company profiles
      ningbo city yin state breadthways stream ying mao plastic hardware factory in 1998, is a collection development, production, sale, at the same production-oriented enterprises in china's zhejiang coast of the east china sea -- hengxi economic zone less than 20 minutes by car from ningbo, and the deep-water port of ningbo in less than one hour, convenient, geographical location.
        enterprise with its unique geographical environment and its own efforts, has reached a certain scale. area covers more than 3,000 square meters, with nearly 100 staff, an annual turnover of over 1,000 million. and the introduction of advanced computer equipment, some of injection molding machine, automatic lathes, cnc lathe instruments, punch. ultrasonic welding machines, forming machine, arc welding machine, jumping more......
      telephone calls and letters from business negotiations welcome!
        company profiles
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      welcome to our website!
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      Contact: Mr wu
      Tel: 86 0574 81050791 88472791
      Fax: 86 0574 88472791
      M.T: 13685732948
      E-mail: info@nbymsl.com
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